Poisoning Galileo
Poisoning Galileo. David Blanco Laserna
David Blanco Laserna

Traducción de David Silles McLaney. Ilustraciones de Puño.

At the age of nineteen, the young Galileo Galilei was scandalous, friendly, somewhat impertinent and so bright that he could outshine any other personality. His main defect was that he wasn’t able to keep his mouth closed. To make things even more problematic, he’ll come across several challenges: a charming young lady (determined to ignore him), five supernatural murders, a gang of thieves and dishonest people, a brainless gentleman and a league of poisoners who intend to sow terror in the court of the Duke of Mantua.



  • ISBN 978-84-678-6140-2

  • FORMATO Papel, 136 páginas. EPub

  • EDAD DE INTERÉS A partir de 12 años